Current Research

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Current Research Projects

Parish Magazines 1895 onwards
The way ahead for republication of these is yet to be established.

Graveyard Inscriptions
Work on the graveyard inscriptions in the New Churchyard will be started this year with a view to publication when complete.

Tracks, Paths & Road Development.
Looking into how they have developed and changed over the years.

Quarry Managers Diaries 1902-1930’s
The History Group as a whole is having a go at transcribing these.

St Cuthbert’s Church History
Penny McPherson, Jackie Stavely and Charles Rowntree are researching in this area.

Ongoing Projects

Village School
Working on the history of the village schools.

Transcription of Borthwick Wills
Charles Rowntree is working his way through these.


Recently Published

Kirkby Charities – Kirkby Fragments Volume 5
PUBLISHED see publications »

Pear Tree and the Chamley Family – Kirkby Fragments Volume 7
PUBLISHED see publications »

Gravestone Inscriptions
PUBLISHED see publications »

Low Mill – Kirkby Fragments Volume 6
PUBLISHED see publications »

Bell Hall – Kirkby Fragments Volume 6
PUBLISHED see publications »

Gill Beck – Kirkby Fragments Volume 8
PUBLISHED see publications »

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